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Dedoc Software is an independent company which specialises in building databases, booking diaries and accounting software for diverse industries since 1991.

Our customers benefit from a comprehensive service including project management, software design, development, support, maintenance and competitive prices.

All our applications are written with the user in mind and we always work with you to determine the exact requirements for your software.

About Software

When you're choosing a database, you're making a long-term decision, because changing your mind later is difficult and expensive.

You want to get it right the first time. Two popular open source databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL, are often the final two candidates.

To make it easier for our clients, we have adopted programming methods which allows us switching databases fairly painless and data migration becomes easy.

Agile methodology

We have adopted Agile methodology. This approach requires the client to be involved in the whole project development cycle.

As a result, it minimizes the risk of exceeding the budget and not meeting the deadlines. The client is more in control and can easily influence the end result.

Agile method increases the chances of the solution meeting clients' expectations since any potential issues related to the project are detected at the very early stage.


Comprehensive service including project management, software design, development, support and maintenance


Before delivery, our team thoroughly tests the program in our lab, followed by a trial run at your premises


Dedoc Software have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people and organisations. We are very proud of our client list.

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